Creamy root vegetables with beluga lentils

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    The iron brings good vegetable protein with it, the iron can be better absorbed through the use of foods rich in vitamin C. Kohlrabi is rich in folic acid, which contributes to normal blood formation and the normal functioning of the immune system.

    Suitable for people with cancer and long-term illnesses.

    Not suitable for people with swallowing difficulties.


    Bechamel sauce (milk 1.5% fat, cream 30% fat, potato starch, salt, nutmeg), celery, carrots, kohlrabi, beluga lentils

    Portion size 110 g

    Nutritional information per 100 g

    kJ 344

    Calories 83

    Fat 4.9 g

    of which saturated fatty acids 3.2 g

    Carbohydrates 6.1 g

    of which sugar 1.5 g

    Protein 2.9 g

    Salt 1.1 g