Our partners

Together with our partners, we bring healthy enjoyment to your home.

Broich Hospitality Group

The companies united under the umbrella of the Broich Hospitality Group offer a comprehensive range of catering services for many occasions such as events, congresses, stadium events as well as children's and school catering.



Microgreens from vollpack.com, the family business for urban cultivation from Düsseldorf. Microgreens are high-quality, tasty foods for a healthy and beneficial diet.

Microgreens are young, tender vegetable and herb seedlings that are harvested shortly after reaching the leaf stage and contain up to 40 times more vital substances.

Urban Farming, a method for modernizing agricultural production. 95% water savings, 80% less cultivation area thanks to vertical arrangement, production at the consumer, consistent quality 365 days a year.


Clinic for Gynecology Charité Berlin

In addition to modern medical treatment - based on the latest study results - the Women's Clinic at Charité Berlin offers you and your relatives a wide range of support in cooperation with our partners. This should help you in challenging situations, support the course of your treatment and improve your quality of life and well-being.

A conscious, healthy and balanced diet has a preventative effect and can have a positive impact on the course of therapy.



Since 2016, we have been slicing, sizzling, cooking and serving daily changing dishes from the street food scene in the Künstlerkantine Atelier Frankfurt.

Vegan, delicious, practical and varied, our recipe meets the zeitgeist of today's consumers: finally a tasty, sustainable answer to the enormous demand for vegan dishes.

The special, gentle preparation of the recipes by experienced chefs and the unique production process ensure the typical taste and fluffy consistency of our falafel.